The Truth behind Alpaca Guarding Abilities

by Phil Bennetts on 09-03-2016 03:17PM in Alpaca

Jenny MacHarg from Fowberry Alpacas explores the truth behind Alpaca guarding abilities.

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Polytunnels Adapted for Sheep

by Phil Bennetts on 09-03-2016 03:10PM in Sheep

There are many different types of housing that can be used to provide protection for sheep, their feed, bedding and equipment. Polytunnels for Sheep Traditional barns, metal buildings (and similar structures)

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Sheepdog Training From Chaos to Control

by Phil Bennetts on 19-02-2016 11:02AM in Sheep

There's no good flock without a good shepherd, and no good shepherd without a good dog

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Poultry Keeping - The Bug

by Phil Bennetts on 18-02-2016 03:22PM in Chickens

For many years I was under the impression that chickens were smelly dirty creatures, to be honest I could not understand what people saw in them

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Reasons to Buy a Polytunnel

by Phil Bennetts on 18-02-2016 02:42PM in Polytunnels

A Polytunnel can bring a Mediterranean or even Tropical climate to your UK garden or Smallholding find out how you can benefit from your own Polytunnel

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