Sheepdog Training From Chaos to Control

by Phil Bennetts on 19-02-2016 in Sheep

There is no good flock without a good shepherd, and no good shepherd without a good dog.”Sheepdog DVD

Its a hackneyed saying in sheepdog circles, but no less true for that. Whether you have 16 or 600 sheep, a dog under good command will save your time and your temper, not to mention avoid unnecessary stress for the sheep.

A trained dog will often cost several thousands of pounds. The price reflects the cost saving of the dogs work, often replacing a full or part-time employee, and the hours and patience spent training the dog from puppyhood upwards.

For the smallholder with a small commercial or hobby flock, the cost may be impractical or plain impossible, but if you can spare 15 to 30 minutes, a few times a week, you can train your own dog to gather and control your sheep.

The process is quite straightforward. Once the dog’s interest has been aroused it needs to learn to circle the sheep calmly, without “cutting in” and scattering them, while keeping a good distance between itself and the sheep. The dog needs to learn to move the sheep to you, to balance them and to flank smoothly around them in both directions on command. It needs to walk up confidently on its sheep, and it needs to stop on command too. These are the basics on which to build, but a dog working even at this level will be earning its keep as well as providing a great companion.Sheepdogs

Andy Nickless has helped hundreds of Border collies, and Border collie handlers, on the path to effective sheep work through his successful and popular. This expertise is now available on DVD to help anyone get their collie started with sheep.

At the start of training collies will largely fall into one of four categories: disinterested; rough and reckless; the “stand and stare” type; or the natural performer who’s just born to it. Needless to say, the first three are the most difficult to deal with, but “First Steps” shows examples of all three types of dog, and how to work around the initial challenges.

Whether you already have a farm collie around the place or want to start with a new puppy, “First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training” is a DVD to guide any newcomer through the early stages of training your own sheepdog.Made for the complete novice to sheepdog handling, the two-DVD set explains how the dog works, and why, how the sheep will influence the dog and your training, and how you can work with the dog’s natural instinct and ability to become an effective working partnership.

No prior knowledge is assumed, and unlike many other training DVDs on the market, “First Steps” also shows how things can go wrong - and how to correct them.

Article Supplied by the Working Sheepdog Website

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