About Us

The smallholder Directory is part of Buzit.

Buzit formally Tag Services sold the Smallholder Directory in 2012 and unfortunately the company who bought it failed to keep it to the same standards and sadly, it lost momentum and it closed.

We are pleased to tell you that the owner of Tag Services / Buzit now has the rights and will be focusing on bringing the Smallholder Directory back to life adding many new features. Phil Bennetts the owner, is well respected within certain industries for achieving high level results with organic rankings in Search Engines.

Organic meaning natural searches not paid advertising like Google Ads etc.

Most of us now know the Internet is the place to be. Thats why Companies have websites built, but if you are not getting hits from real people searching the net, your business could be losing out.

By listing your site in the Smallholder Directory your site could benefit from massive exposure to people looking for your products and services. Not only that, in time it could help to increase your own sites PR and help improve your own rankings.

Why be a Member of the New Smallholder Directory?

  • We Give You SEO Optimised Listings
  • We Work Everyday to Drive New Quality Traffic to you Website
  • Free or Low Cost Yearly Fees

 Your Membership Includes:

  • FREE Classifieds
  • FREE Blog
  • FREE Events Calendar
  • FREE Image Uploads
  • FREE File Uploads
  • FREE Traffic Analytics
  • Plus lots more....