Terms and Conditions


These rules apply to all submissions including online submissions and orders taken over the telephone. We make an effort to review as many submissions as possible.

When submitting, please provide an accurate and grammatically correct title and description for your link.

The title and description should reflect the content that a user would find on your site.

Your site should not display popup's, or attempt to install any software on the user's computer.

Your site should be complete with all links working, and with a generous amount of content.

If your site is new, please consider making sure it is both complete and worthwhile to a potential user before submitting to the directory.

On the submission form of the Online Smallholder Directory we use the term (Basic Member / Lifetime Link)

Lifetime Link means: The life of the Online Smallholder Directory, or the life of your website.

If any or both sites stop trading then the link will no longer be visible without any refund.

If you change the content of your website and it no longer fits the Online Smallholder theme, then it may also be taken out of the database without notice and without any refund.

Sites containing content that is not legal in all parts of the World, or is not legally viewed by children may not be accepted.

In the interests of users searching this site, the Online Smallholder Directory also has the right to move any website link to another category when and as it sees fit, without any notice.

Thanks for doing your part to submit a quality site that users of this directory find useful, as this will be good for your site, and our directory.

Your business agrees that the contract is between you and the Smallholder Directory / Buzit for a 1 year term, 2 year term or a lifetime contract. Please Note: The 1 and 2 year Contract is renewable (optional) at the end of the agreed term.

Payment Terms:

If you decide not to pay online and opt to pay via Cheque or Bank Transfer, we have the right not to list your site until we recieve payment. If we contact you to renew your listing and or banner, you agree to pay your invoice within 7 days.

If any invoice is not paid within 7 days without prior agreement, any amounts outstanding will be subject to a 1% per day service charge.

Un-Paid Invoices: If you agree to have your website/business listed on the Smallholder Directory and we do the listing for you (carry out the work) and you fail to pay the invoice or want the listing removed. A £25.00 removal fee + plus the original invoice amount must be paid before we remove the listing. If you list your business yourself and you wish to remove your listing. In your account please select cancel and your listing will be removed. However because we optimise your listing in the admin section for seo purposes, we do not issue any refunds.


Each contract year you will be sent an email with a renewal invoice attached. You will then have the option to:

1) Renew your advertising

2) Upgrade your advertising (you will need to contact us to discuss)

3) Cancel your advertising (banners will be removed. Category/Featured Listings downgrade to a free lifetime listings)

Please note: If you wish to cancel your advertising, you must let us know within 5 days of receiving your renewal invoice via email, letter or phone. Failure to do so will result in the full amount being outstanding. If you would like to receive your invoice by post please let us know. The above does not apply to Lifetime listings.

Google Maps:

We offer Google Maps as a free and optional addition to your listing. As we rely on a third party for the information (Google) we cannot guarantee that it will be accurate, so we can not be held responsable. You also have the option of Google Maps taken off your listing.

Rejected Submissions:

From time to time we do reject submissions. If you have paid for your listing and we reject your submission we will refund your payment.


All material on this website is copyright. All logos, images and trademarks displayed on this website are trademarks of their respective owners. Nothing contained on this website should be construed as granting any license or right to use material displayed on this website without the express written permission of the publishers or the relevant third-party owner.

Website comments:

Visitors leave comments in the detail section for each website listed. Buzit / Smallholder Directory does not agree with, or endorse any comments made. We also do not know the identity of any visitors who have made any comments.